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A friend from culinary school gave me a bunch of different fresh deer meats. I used some of the steaks already in a stew for my family, they seemed to enjoy it so I decided to up my game the second time I was going to cook some deer for them. Since I used my steaks I just had backscrap and ground deer left. So first I decided on an easy way to make deer familiar by making meatballs out of them with almond flour and garlic. For the soup base I blended the scrap with the rest of the ground deer and some parsley, onion, garlic and 12 egg whites. Put the mixture in a pot with cold chicken stock and made a deer consume. For the veggies I had some broccoli and califlower calling my name and just did a quick blanch in some salted water. With this whole dish it was hard to decide on a starch that would hold up in this dish without being overpowering or take away from the natural deer flavors I was trying to achieve. My brother suggested a dumpling and to me that made perfect sense. While I started to make my dumpling batter I decided to boil and blend some garbonzo beans in the mixture. Garnish is green onion.


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