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Sushi Mazi located on division was one of the best sushi experiences that I have had. Making all the stops of regular sushi places but adding a lot of unique items that will fit any persons budget.

First dish was a purple Peruvian potato tempura with a sweet chili sauce. Very simple dish but great way to start getting your tastebuds attention. Only 4$



Second dish was a Philly roll and is definitely American inspired not only by the name but the ingredients aswell. Its a spicy tuna with cream cheese and avocado with spicy chili sauce and only 6$.






This dish was this amaxing tempura red snapper with mango, avocado, asparagus and fired onion with sweet mango and soy sauces only 8$.


One response to “3 PART SUSHI

  1. That looks and sounds so good! I only ever go to the super cheap places. Or sushi-go-arounds, like this one. -> But this place looks like it’s pretty nice and the prices are actually fairly affordable! The presentations are simple, but pretty and would make me feel like I’m at a more higher-class type of restaurant. I’ll definitely have to try it out some time in the near future! Thanks! 🙂

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