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I got my inspiration in this dish from just simple mid-west home cooking. Growing up in Iowa a lot of our dinners were country style cuisine. In Iowa it is pretty common for everything on the plate to be mixed together and just eaten as one. So taking a traditional meatloaf dinner with mashed potatoes and sweet Iowa corn my family had sent (they send some every year because it’s amazing) I made the mash with butter, garlic, sourcream then mixed the roaster Iowa sweet corn in the mash. For the meatloaf I took a pretty basic family recipe and kicked it up by making my seasoned ground beef miture, added some ground pork, layed it out on parchment paper so it was around an inch thick layer and layed slices of prosciutto down. Then folded the whole loaf up patting it down at the end to ensure no air bubbles. If you are interested in trying something new with your meatlaof I have also tried layering in cream cheese before the prosciutto and it turned out very delicious as well as making a biscuit batter and when the loaf is just almost done covering it with the batter and baking on a biscuit crust for some crunch. Nothing fancy about this dish, just something that reminded me of back home with my own twist.


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