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Anybody who knows me very well knows my huge passion for cooking  Tampa cuisine. One of my favorite dishes is the Cuban sandwich. I think its one of the more simple sandwiches I have ever had but the simple elements that go into it makes it unforgetable. It starts with the Cuban bread which if you ask anybody in Florida they will tell you real Cuban bread comes from Tampa and can’t be created the same anywhere else. There is two reasons for this, one is the humidity in the bay and the water put into it.from the area. So we have our bread from Tampa now we move to the slow roasted pork tenderloin roasted in mojo ,which is a Cuban au jus, then sliced. Sometimes ham is added but to me I can go both ways with it. Toppings are pretty strict but simple as well, swiss cheese is always a must but you can have your choice of mayo, mustard and pickles. This sandwich shouldn’t be served with tomato or lettuce. This sandwich can be served cold or hot and either way delicious but different. If you are ever in the Tampa area I highly suggest giving it a try.


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