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I had been pleasantly suprised by a recommendation from a friend to go to a restaurant out in Beaverton. The restaurant is called Bistro 153 which is interesting when you are looking for the location because its in a isolated place and you would think its on 153rd street but its actually 154th. Getting to the restaurant I had been a little worried about the quality because I normally have a rule about places that are just 21 and up. For the most part in my experience these locations don’t have the best or freshest food. I was meeting someone so I didn’t really have an option to leave. When I sit down and take a look at the menu and they have all the usual suspects of a bar menu. Since I’m worried I decide on something that I think should be at least decent, a lamb gyro. When it arrives and I take my first bite it truly blew me away a little. In house roasted lamb seasoned and sliced thin with a heavy but perfect amount of feta and taziki, also with lettuce, red onion and tomato which I wasn’t a fan because they are mealy this time of year. This ended up being one of my favriote gryo’s I’ve ever had. I am going to be back at this place for sure.


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