GUEST BLOG:Crispy delight

This fried potato reminded me of a dish I had made in class once. We prepared a savory risotto with duck stock, rosemary, thyme and garlic cloves then added bits of duck confit that accented the duck stock. Let the risotto set for a night then battered with flour, buttermilk and panko and pan fried to crispy perfection. Served with a seared duck breast garnished with a couple baby carrots and pan sauce from the duck breasts, this made for a nice afternoon snack after an early morning arrival.

Erica Osborn



I had been pleasantly suprised by a recommendation from a friend to go to a restaurant out in Beaverton. The restaurant is called Bistro 153 which is interesting when you are looking for the location because its in a isolated place and you would think its on 153rd street but its actually 154th. Getting to the restaurant I had been a little worried about the quality because I normally have a rule about places that are just 21 and up. For the most part in my experience these locations don’t have the best or freshest food. I was meeting someone so I didn’t really have an option to leave. When I sit down and take a look at the menu and they have all the usual suspects of a bar menu. Since I’m worried I decide on something that I think should be at least decent, a lamb gyro. When it arrives and I take my first bite it truly blew me away a little. In house roasted lamb seasoned and sliced thin with a heavy but perfect amount of feta and taziki, also with lettuce, red onion and tomato which I wasn’t a fan because they are mealy this time of year. This ended up being one of my favriote gryo’s I’ve ever had. I am going to be back at this place for sure.


Anybody who knows me very well knows my huge passion for cooking  Tampa cuisine. One of my favorite dishes is the Cuban sandwich. I think its one of the more simple sandwiches I have ever had but the simple elements that go into it makes it unforgetable. It starts with the Cuban bread which if you ask anybody in Florida they will tell you real Cuban bread comes from Tampa and can’t be created the same anywhere else. There is two reasons for this, one is the humidity in the bay and the water put into it.from the area. So we have our bread from Tampa now we move to the slow roasted pork tenderloin roasted in mojo ,which is a Cuban au jus, then sliced. Sometimes ham is added but to me I can go both ways with it. Toppings are pretty strict but simple as well, swiss cheese is always a must but you can have your choice of mayo, mustard and pickles. This sandwich shouldn’t be served with tomato or lettuce. This sandwich can be served cold or hot and either way delicious but different. If you are ever in the Tampa area I highly suggest giving it a try.


If you like clams then this dish is worth taking a look at. We have been running this dish for a special over the weekends at my work and we just ran out but I had to write about it because this fills my clam craving for the year. So its home made potato bread butter and scored over the grill. A fairly simple fennel slaw. The razor clams are in a drege with corn meal, deep fried and topped with a traditional tartar sauce with capers, green olives, parsley and garilic. For the side nothing better than some thin shaved onions battered in flour and deep friend till crisp, so simple but delicious. If this tickles your tastebuds get yourself some razor clams and give it a try or send me a comment about some other razor clam ideas.


Sushi Mazi located on division was one of the best sushi experiences that I have had. Making all the stops of regular sushi places but adding a lot of unique items that will fit any persons budget.

First dish was a purple Peruvian potato tempura with a sweet chili sauce. Very simple dish but great way to start getting your tastebuds attention. Only 4$



Second dish was a Philly roll and is definitely American inspired not only by the name but the ingredients aswell. Its a spicy tuna with cream cheese and avocado with spicy chili sauce and only 6$.






This dish was this amaxing tempura red snapper with mango, avocado, asparagus and fired onion with sweet mango and soy sauces only 8$.

Best Grilled Cheese

 This is such a simple dish, very easy to put together. But this is the best grilled cheese I have ever had. The reason why this is the best is because they hit all the elements of a great grilled cheese and take it just a few steps further. In house potato bread sliced, layered with butter and grilled until the jack cheese put on top melts. Simple but perfect and highlighted with this smoked tomato soup. The richness of the smoke and the dash of sour cream to meld the flavors together in your mouth makes this soup almost to savory and to add this perfect grilled cheese to dip makes it out of this world. Then you have a red wine vin. dressing on good local hardy greens lightens the dish in between bites to keep your palet open and ready for more. You can find this dish at Country Cat restaurant.