I read a post by my friend here about fusion burritos and my first thought was “That kind of makes me hungry.” I tried a Korean fusion burrito a few weeks ago off of a food cart in downtown Portland  and it was delicious. It does seem though, as Sam said, that one could wrap anything in a tortilla beside something hot, beany, and spicy and call it fusion. But I didn’t come on here to talk about that.

I came here to talk about fondue.

I’ve had fondue a couple of times and thought it was a pretty good snack. My aunt used to make it every Christmas and I’ll have to admit, there is some allure about sharing food out of one pot. I’ve also tried it at the Rheinlander, a longtime fixture of near-east Portland, and it was a great start.

But can someone actually make a meal of this? I understand there is a restaurant here in Portland called The Melting Pot that features fondue. I am sure their offerings are pleasing to the palate but should I bring a sandwich for afterwards? I had to wrap my American mind around this for a second; little morsels of food don’t seem to add up to a meal for me. I thought I hadn’t been wrecked by the way we Americans eat but, wow, have I really been turned off of this fondue thing?

Maybe if we made those bites that we skewer bigger; like the size of an Eggo waffle or something…

Ted Weiss



 The fusion burrito, what a huge discovery of mixing pretty much anything into a tortilla and making something new and unique. Well I believe this idea of just putting almost anything in a tortilla and calling it a burrito fusion isnt that unique and exciting anymore. Yes the idea still works with alot of different kinds of flavors and ingredients and it’s a great thing to grab on the run. I think the burrito is definatly the new sandwich, but the whole idea is just run of the mill now and something I just come to expect at different venues. I beleive putting anything into a burrito now is more american then any fusion because we are the melting pot anyway, I think we all melt in a pot to be put into a burrito.


Can breakfast actually be dinner. For a lot of people I think the answer is a big yes. Whats better than some sweet pancakes or waffles, some fatty bacon, maybe a hash thrown in with eggs.  I cant argue about the heartyness of this meal but its just not dinner. First off if I have breakfast for dinner than what do I have in the morning? More breakfast? Can I have dinner for breakfast? I dont understand why people feel that they want to take a meal that they can have every morning, thats why they call it breakfast, and repeat it for dinner. Maybe its because nobody has the time to really cook a full breakfast in the morning and just grab a bowl of cereal instead and just still have that urge to get their complete breakfast. Overall breakfast is a way to start your day with nutrients to give you energy, help brain function. Dinner is a meal to recieve other vital nutrients we need and can digest better while we sleep as apposed to this rich, hearty, fatty mistake we sometimes call dinner.