This is a dish I cooked for my family with the focus being truffles. My family wasn’t to familiar with this delicious fungus so I grabbed about an oz from the farmers market as well as some green beans and clover sprouts. At the bottom there is truffled rissotto then rendered bacon and truffles with butter tossed with blanched green beans. Then I made some truffle oil and used some other seasonings and mixed it with lump crab meat. The bread also has some of the oil and it was toasted in the oven. I added the clover sprouts just for a pallet cleaning to not waist any of the truffle flavor. Garnished the dish with few fresh shavings of truffles on top.



This is a kind of sandwich I grew up on. If you haven’t ever had a sandwich like this its simply all about the sandwich press which is called a split sandwich press. It fits regular squarish bread and you can literally fill the sandwich with anything you want just trying not to over stuff to much as the press can have a hard time latching shut. You don’t need any butter or anything while you press but definatly can add some if you are looking for a little greasier effect. This sandwich i did was stuffed with olive tapenade, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers, roast beef and arugula on a Dave’s killer bread with a jalopeno hummus for dipping. The press will heat almost anything during the cooking process which makes preparing one of these sandwiches pretty easy.


This was a dish I did at school. Kinda hard to really call it a dish because it’s mainly just pork. But it was pork week which was one of my favriote and at the end of the week we plate everything we cook that week. So simply this is grilled pork loin that had been brined, pork sausage, pulled pork sourkraut, braised pork belly and a boiled potato with a pork sauce.


While I am on the topic about my passion for Cuban food this was an idea I got for a special for the restaurant at my school. It’s a Cuban stuffed potato which simply is a mashed potato wrapped around traditional Cuban beef, breaded and fried. I took a little spin with the actually potato with an Italian twist by using ground lamb instead of beef and adding basil, oregano, and garlic in the mix. The Potato is layed on a bed of vegable mix of choyote, heirloom tomatos, carmalized onions in a white wine butter sauce. The potato itself could hold up as a very delicious snack or appetizer but with the bed of veggies adds more depth to the flavor of the lamb and brings some sweet and sour to the party.


I got my inspiration in this dish from just simple mid-west home cooking. Growing up in Iowa a lot of our dinners were country style cuisine. In Iowa it is pretty common for everything on the plate to be mixed together and just eaten as one. So taking a traditional meatloaf dinner with mashed potatoes and sweet Iowa corn my family had sent (they send some every year because it’s amazing) I made the mash with butter, garlic, sourcream then mixed the roaster Iowa sweet corn in the mash. For the meatloaf I took a pretty basic family recipe and kicked it up by making my seasoned ground beef miture, added some ground pork, layed it out on parchment paper so it was around an inch thick layer and layed slices of prosciutto down. Then folded the whole loaf up patting it down at the end to ensure no air bubbles. If you are interested in trying something new with your meatlaof I have also tried layering in cream cheese before the prosciutto and it turned out very delicious as well as making a biscuit batter and when the loaf is just almost done covering it with the batter and baking on a biscuit crust for some crunch. Nothing fancy about this dish, just something that reminded me of back home with my own twist.


A friend from culinary school gave me a bunch of different fresh deer meats. I used some of the steaks already in a stew for my family, they seemed to enjoy it so I decided to up my game the second time I was going to cook some deer for them. Since I used my steaks I just had backscrap and ground deer left. So first I decided on an easy way to make deer familiar by making meatballs out of them with almond flour and garlic. For the soup base I blended the scrap with the rest of the ground deer and some parsley, onion, garlic and 12 egg whites. Put the mixture in a pot with cold chicken stock and made a deer consume. For the veggies I had some broccoli and califlower calling my name and just did a quick blanch in some salted water. With this whole dish it was hard to decide on a starch that would hold up in this dish without being overpowering or take away from the natural deer flavors I was trying to achieve. My brother suggested a dumpling and to me that made perfect sense. While I started to make my dumpling batter I decided to boil and blend some garbonzo beans in the mixture. Garnish is green onion.


This is a dish I cooked up as an alternative to a weekly spaghetti. Started with noodle and always an easy pick I went with an asian start of yakisoba noodles. With a sauce I wanted a light flavor so I made a ponzu sauce which has a great lemon taste to it. Since the sauce is light I decided on a thin shaved pork shoulder for the protien. Braised bok choy in sesame oil and soy sauce until just slightly crisp. Started some onions in the wok, sweated them down then added some chanterelle mushrooms. Add the pork shoulder and cooked through. Then add chopped thai basil and added the noodles and steamed with ponzu sauce, then add the bok choy, plate and garnish with some fresh bean sprouts to keep the palet clean and add an sweet taste to the dish.